About Us

In 2014, Edge Guardian Boards was established to address the issue of wakeboard damage outside the wild wakes and gnarly trick attempts. At E.G., we expect our customers to push their equipment to the extreme, but never during travel to our favorite spots. Whether wakeboarding is your career, a hobby or a first-time thrill, we understand the passion our sport inspires. Your board is not just another piece of equipment, but it is escape from the monotony in our lives. Nothing should stand in the way of that passion—especially cracked, chipped and broken boards.

Inspired by careless luggage handlers, an over-packed trunk and small storage lockers, Edge Guardian products were developed to reduce and eliminate the potential for damage to our “lifelines” during times of travel or storage. We believe that wakeboarding should be a stress-free release from the everyday battles of life—so why should we stress about our boards being damaged on the conveyor belt at an airport, in the trunk of our cars or the depths of our storage rooms?

At Edge Guardian, our philosophy is simple. Inspired by our founders’ childlike obsession with superheroes, we stand for the “Protection of our Passions.” No longer shall we face the injustice of stress and damage in the transportation of our equipment. Whether you are planning your next big trip or simply stowing your board away for the year, trust Edge Guardian with your passion.